Frosty mornings and warm afternoons bring the colors of the changing seasons, along with migrating waterfowl. Share the fields and waters with family and friends while our guides convince flock after flock of waterfowl into the dekes. While we specialize in field hunts for Canada geese and puddle ducks the diversity and abundance of water in the area offer a variety of hunting venues.

Upland Game

Frosty mornings, falling leaves, and the thunderous flush of a ruffed grouse will quicken the beat of any upland hunter's heart. Smoldering Lake's bird hunters enjoy a variety of covert types ranging from orchards and shelter belts in the farmland to the famed " Big woods" of Northern Maine. Low hunting pressure and an average of 20 flushes per day are a testament to the area's reputation as a premier grouse hunting destination.

Sea Duck

Lobster fishing and summer tourism are not the only thing Maine's picturesque coastline, and numerous islands are known for. Wintering 80% of the Atlantic flyways Common Eiders and strong numbers of Scoters, and Oldsquaw amount to world class Sea duck hunting.

Multitudes of low flying birds commit to decoy spreads amid an audience of working lobstermen and curoius seals. Every warterfowler should find themselves perched comfortably upon a coastal island enjoying this unique experience. True to Maine tradition we hunt from the coastal ledges. One member of the guide team will remain with you on the island while the other tends to the boat, decoys, and downed birds.