Archery Moose Hunt
with Smoldering Lake Outfitters

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Moose Hunting in Maine

Interacting with and learning about wildlife is all part of the hunting experience. There is no more intimate way to interact, one on one with an animal, than calling. Though there are subtle differences, hunting moose during the rut is most like elk or spring turkey hunting. Add to this the chess match of an ever changing social hierarchy during the rut, set in dense “close” cover, and you have the formula for and excitement filled adventure.

Whether we access our hunting area via watercraft or vehicle, most of our hunting is done on foot. Unless physically incapable, our preferred method of hunting is calling and spot and stalk. The skill of our professional guide staff and extensive pre season efforts result in helping to put rut crazed bulls right in our hunter’s laps. Whether hunting with modern day rifle, muzzleloader, handgun, or archery equipment, the memories of a close encounter with these magnificent animals will last a lifetime.

The population dynamics of Maine’s moose herd likely provide the best opportunity anywhere to harvest trophy Eastern Canadian moose. While record book scores are not the true measure of a trophy they are at least a standard with which to convey the quality available. Most mature bulls in our area will have a spread between 50” and 55” and over the years we have harvested several in the mid to upper 60”s. The majority of mature bulls one could expect to encounter will score between 165”BC and 185”BC. The Smoldering Lake team has been fortunate to maintain an average harvest of animals scoring in the mid 180's with a couple of Boone and Crockett qualifiers annually. This is truly a testament to the quality and strength of both Maine's moose herd and the Smoldering Lake team. The secret of our success lies within the team work of our staff. We maintain an incredible group of dedicated professionals, committed to providing you with the best possible moose hunting experience.

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