2012 Maine Kicking Bear / Bear Den Trip

Maine Kicking Bear was fortunate enough to follow Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s Black Bear research team to a den site again this year.  We were given an exceptional February day for this group of lucky kids to witness science and the stewardship of God’s creation first hand.  Though the experience was much more, the awe of holding a live black bear was the obvious highlight for the kids.

Maine’s Black Bear monitoring program tracks the reproductive success, survival and health of nearly 100 female Black Bears over 3 study areas through out the state. Data collected from this research helps the state properly manage Maine’s Black Bear population.

Our group learned much about black bears and how this research helps manage Maine’s healthy black bear population.  They also learned how this study has benefited NASA in regards to space exploration and the Health industry in its battle with osteoporosis, and kidney disease.  After our briefing and a short trip into the woods, the group continued its adventure on snowmobile then ultimately to the den site on snowshoes.  

We visited a 10 year old female who is 6th generation in the program.  She shared the den with her 3 male yearlings who will be on their own this spring.  

We wrapped things up with lunch cooked over a fire and in true Kicking Bear fashion, a snowball fight broke out!  

Photographers, Ken Lamb and Becky Shae, captured the full experience which may be viewed by visiting:   www.kenlamb.com  


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