Smoldering Lake clients hold 3 of the top 5 spots in both archery and muzzle loader class for black bears in Maine.

These and the many other record book animals are testament to our scientific approach to hunting and dedication to providing quality outdoor vacations.

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Bear Hunting in Maine

Sound wildlife management and abundant quality habitat have produced one of the highest black bear populations in the lower 48 at an estimated 24 thousand animals. These high densities, attention to detail and dedication by our staff, provide Smoldering Lake's clients great opportunities to harvest the elusive black bear.

Bait Hunt

Special consideration and effort go into the preparation of each hunting site. Limiting the number of sites and only harvesting one animal per site, annually, help us to manage excellent trophy quality in our bear hunting area. Site preparation begins with consideration of local food sources, travel routes, prevailing winds, and most importantly cover. Most sites are arranged with 15 to 20 yard shot distances on this weapon of choice hunt.

Whether you are hunting alone or part of a group once you are in camp you are part of the team. Your bear hunting experience begins Sunday afternoon in time to check your weapon on our range, get acquainted with the guide team and other members in camp. Tales of close encounters with this ghost of the forest and success' of the hunt abound at the dinner table and around the fire. The least you will take away from this experience will be some new friends and memories for a lifetime.

Bear Natural Foods and Crop Hunts

Smoldering Lake Outfitters have several areas where crop damage is a concern for farmers. Stand hunting or still hunting are the preferred methods in these limited areas. Crop field afford hunters the ability to view large open areas as opposed to the small confined space of a bait station.